CMA Suggested Answers – June 2023 (Syllabus 2022)

CMA Suggested Answers – June 2023

(Syllabus 2022)

CMA Suggested Answers

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Dear CMA Aspirants,

We are pleased to offer free study material to support your journey towards success in the CMA exams. The suggested answers for June 2023 (Syllabus 2022) are available for download from both our website and the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

CMA Intermediate Suggested Answers June 2023

Group I:

  • Paper-5: Business Laws and Ethics Download
  • Paper-6: Financial Accounting Download
  • Paper-7: Direct and Indirect Taxation Download
  • Paper-8: Cost Accounting Download

Group II:

  • Paper-9: Operations Management and Strategic Management Download
  • Paper-10: Corporate Accounting and Auditing Download
  • Paper-11: Financial Management and Business Data Analytics Download
  • Paper-12: Management Accounting Download

CMA Final Suggested Answers June 2023

Group III:

  • Paper-13: Corporate and Economic Laws Download
  • Paper-14: Strategic Financial Management Download
  • Paper-15: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation Download
  • Paper-16: Strategic Cost Management Download

Group IV:

  • Paper-17: Cost and Management Audit Download
  • Paper-18: Corporate Financial Reporting Download
  • Paper-19: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice Download
  • Paper-20A: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation Download
  • Paper-20B: Risk Management in Banking and Insurance Download
  • Paper-20C: Entrepreneurship and Start-up Download

At Cashplanter, we are committed to providing accessible and high-quality resources to empower your exam preparation. We believe that your dedication, coupled with these resources, will pave the way for your success.

Wishing you the best of luck on your CMA journey!


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