Telangana’s Praja Palana Application Form 2024

In a revolutionary move towards citizen-centric governance, Telangana introduces the Praja Palana Application Form, a gateway to addressing public grievances seamlessly. The application form empowers citizens to submit their concerns directly, eliminating middlemen intervention. To avail of scheme benefits, applicants must submit the Praja Palana application form before January 6, 2024, through the official website.

What is Praja Palana Program?

Telangana’s Praja Palana Program, a brainchild of the state government, is a comprehensive initiative encompassing all six schemes introduced during its tenure. Beyond application submissions, citizens gain a direct channel to address grievances independently, fostering transparency, time efficiency, and cost savings.

List of Schemes Covered Under Praja Palana

  • Mahalaxmi scheme
  • Rythu Bharosa scheme
  • Cheyutha Scheme
  • Gruha Jyothi Scheme
  • Indiramma Indlu Scheme
  • Yuva Vikasam Scheme

Eligibility Criteria for Praja-Palana TS 6 Guarantee Scheme

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Permanent resident of Telangana
  • Age as per the guarantee scheme’s eligibility
  • Income in line with the guarantee scheme’s criteria

Process to Submit Filled Praja-Palana Application Form

  1. Download the form from the official website and obtain a printout.
  2. Verify details and fill in information accurately.
  3. Attach required documents in the specified sequence.
  4. Identify the nearest submission location among the 600 designated centers in Hyderabad.

How to Fill Praja-Palana Application Form PDF

  • Carefully fill in all details.
  • Ensure correct bank account information.
  • Attach only necessary documents.
  • Verify the accuracy of mobile number and email ID.
  • Review the form before submission.

Important Required Documents Praja-Palana Application

Arm yourself with the necessary documents for a seamless application process:

  • Aadhar card
  • Residence certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Bank account details, etc.

Timing of Praja-Palana Program

  • Starting date of application: December 28, 2023
  • Last date to apply: January 6, 2024

Praja Palana Application Form PDF, including essential details like beneficiary names, scheme specifics, father’s name, bank account details, district, block, address, mobile number, and email ID.


This scheme is launched by Government of Telangana for the citizen. for more details check the official website of Prajapalana Abhayahastham Or you can also download the Praja Palana Application PDF form our website for free at


Who launched the Praja-Palana Application Form?

The Government of Telangana initiated the Praja-Palana application form, providing beneficiaries with a streamlined application process.

What is last date of application?

The last date of application submission is January 6, 2024.

Where can I get Praja-Palana form?

You can download the application from the official website or you can download from our website.

Download Praja-Palana Application Form PDF

Source : Government of Telangana

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